• Bi-Lateral + Uni-Lateral = Functional

    In the training room, it's easy to bias our training to bi-laterally lifts and movements.  But in real life, we perform far more unilateral movements - from walking, running, cycling, driving, picking up a bag, kicking or throwing a ball.  Almost any type of activity or sport requires sequences of uni-lateral movements, so it's important we work in some uni-lateral bodyweight movements in our training as well.

    This week's progression we work on a great uni-lateral drill that I practice often with my bboying (breakdancing) training:

    For more insight into the bboy movements and progressions, check out my teacher's website BBoy Milestone, BBoy Wicket, and I along with the help of Reebok and the Renegades Crew will also be hosting Down and Dirty 2.  This will be our second breakdance competiton that we've hosted in San Francisco, it's all going down on September 21st at DNA Lounge. Hope to see you there!

    Coach Carl

  • Team Building

    Even though I only get face time a couple of times a year with this awesome team as we are halfway across the world, every moment we share together has been fun and unforgettable!  I want to thank Annie, Frederik, Jami, and Frankie for stopping by Alicante and hanging out the past week at CrossFit ALC.  Can't wait until we get together again!

    This week we share some perspectives on a common question - determining standards for bodyweight movements:

    Coach Carl




  • See Ya, Beaches!

    Heading home to Alicante for a couple of weeks to some sunny days and beaches. If you need me, I'll be in my office --------------------->

    This week we continue work on those Toes to Bar:

    Coach Carl




  • Got Gears?

    When you perform a movement, any movement, what does your 1-rep max effort look like?  What does your 50-rep dynamic effort look like?  100-reps?  1000-reps?  When you have to do a heavy single vs. a lot of volume, are you performing with the same body shapes or different?  What would be more efficient?  Something to think about!  Let's discuss.

    A popular progression request, this week we'll start a quick review of Kipping Toes to Bar:

    Coach Carl

  • Quick Survey

    Happy Monday!  A couple of questions to help us plan our upcoming progression videos and content for free+style the book:

    1. Which do you find more challenging, upper- or lower-body movements?
    2. What do you find more difficult, developing strength or skill?
    3. What movements do you want to see progression videos for?
    4. Anything other questions?

    Please answer in the comments!

    This week we finish up our series on jumping push ups with a few tests:

    Coach Carl

  • Congrats to the Athletes, Coaches, and Crew!

    I want to congratulate the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games athletes, coaches, and crew of staff and volunteers for another successful event and year of competition!

    Over the course of this past weekend we were often reminded of the inaugural CrossFit Games that started in Aromas. So much has changed since then and this is truly an exciting time. As I looked around it's unbelievable to see how much CrossFit has grown, how far we've come, and how quickly we continue to accelerate.

    The Open. The Masters. The kids' Gauntlet. The hundreds of thousands of fans watching live, in person and online. The vendor and sponsor support. The performances, demos, and exhibitions. The 2007 records being smashed. The new victories. The defending champs. The 3-peat dominance. All of this is owed to all the great people who have committed their careers and livelihood to CrossFit, and together we have established a great community.

    Thank you allowing me to be a part of history and I am truly inspired now more than ever!

    This week continue to work on our plyometric Push Up progression:

    Coach Carl

  • Announcing free+style, the Book

    I'm excited to announce my latest project and biggest project to date - a book entitled free+style | maximizing sport and life with four basic movements.

    I have been on the most incredible journey over the last few years, from my experiences coaching Annie Thorisdottir to become a two-time Fittest Woman on Earth to interacting with thousands of coaches and athletes on I am pumped now to pour my knowledge and experiences into my latest endeavor — free+style: maximize sport and life performance with four basic movements. This book is designed to help you achieve physical success by applying the movement framework that I have crafted over the years. I will show you why you should care about movement so you can perform to your highest potential.

    In the coming months I will be sharing a lot of concepts, previews, and planning special events for free+style the book as we get ready closer to its release.  Please go to our official website for the book now to subscribe to our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.  Thanks for your support!

    This week we continue with more push ups, this time scaling up with speed and power:

    Coach Carl

  • Recover, Replenish, Rebuild, Retest

    I'm not a nutritionist or doctor, but in working with athletes of all levels I do know that maintaining great health and diet is key to success.  If you don't eat and refuel properly, it's garbage in garbage out.  If you don't check up on your health, you could look like a race car but might be a leaky bucket under the hood.  Take the time to prioritize your health and nutrition and you'll see quicker recoveries, faster gains, and be able to keep those gains for a bigger and more solid foundation.  The time is now, today and everyday.

    For fuel, almost everyone has their favorite brand and mix of protein and suppliments.  Read the label and understand how it works to make sure you're taking what you need.  If you don't have a preferred source yet, I highly recommend NutriForce Sports after working with Annie Thorisdottir and seeing her performance and recovery with the products.  Full disclosure: Annie is now a NutriForce Sports athlete and I now also endorse their products because I see its positive results.  If you want to try I've got us a 25% off promo code you can use.  Just enter "paoli25" at checkout to get 25% off your entire Nutriforce Sports order - that's a sweet deal.

    For health and wellness, there is no excuse but to make sure you're progressing in the right direction.  Human bodies are amazing and incredibly robust, but as we continuously undergo the changes and stress of training we must monitor our progress also from within.  My team and I have been working with WellnessFX for a couple of years now and they have an incredible service to provide blood panel and bio-marker testing to track all of the essential health indicators, and more.  And it's so easy and affordable: you sign up online for a package that suits your needs (starting at only $29!), print a lab-test form, walk into any of the 4000+ LabCorp testing centers across the U.S. to get your blood drawn, and your results appear online after a few days.  They also have a full staff of doctors and nutritions to consult and interpret your results if you need.  Doctors on demand, on your schedule.  Even if you already have a health plan, WellnessFX can be a great way for you to take control of your health and data to track your progress.  Hop over to WellnessFX to check out their options to test, retest.

    This week we work on scaling more Push Ups with skill once again:

    Coach Carl

  • Back to More Basics

    It's been a couple of years since we last talked about the Push Up position and transition as the foundation for a number of other movements. While the Push Up is a really simple movement, it actually serves as a great diagnostic tool and is a tell for numerous issues you will encounter for other more complex exercises. Aside from the strength component: are you initiating movements properly with your shoulder? Do you have full range of motion? How is your core position maintained during transitions and under load? Do you have awareness of your body from head to toe to produce the same shapes with each rep, with each Push Up variation?  All this and lots more to think about.  If you don't have a good Push Up as the foundation, chances are you won't have a good ____________.

    In the last Push Up progression series we actually didn't go into details about scaling the Push Up itself.  So, over the next few weeks we're going to revisit the Push Up again, starting with some scaling options before breaking in to some more fun and advanced variations.  Stay tuned!

    Coach Carl

  • WODTours = Training+Vacation+FUN

    Hey gang! I've been working with the WODTours crew of coaches for a while now planning a number of exciting destinations coming up. If you are interested in a fun, training vacation with some of the best athletes and coaches in CrossFit, definitely look into WODTours. These guys are extremely well organize and professional and will take care of your needs as you visit some landmark gyms with legendary athletes and coaches - including a session with Annie Thorisdottir at CrossFit ALC in Spain which I cofounded. I'm stoked to be part of this amazing team!

    Here is an upcoming schedule of WODTours that I'll be a guest coach for:

    I'm looking forward to training and hanging with you soon at one of these tours!

    Coach Carl