• Next up, Ecuador!

    On the road this week and Just finished an amazing weekend of seminars at CrossFit Tuluka in Argentina. Next, I'm returning to Guayaquil, Ecuador for another round of seminars and coaching. Keep an eye our for some up and coming superstars from Latin America, these athletes are legit!

    This week we continue with our Bar Muscle progressions, talking about the all important transition:

    Coach Carl

  • Updates on Upcoming Seminars

    Quick update for my upcoming Freestyle Connection Movement seminars:

    Latin America tour starts this weekend! 

    • Argentina seminar at CrossFit Tuluka - Day 1 (Feb 2) is almost sold out, there is space on day 2 (Feb 3).
    • Ecuador seminar at CrossFit Guayaquil is split into 2 evening sessions on Feb 6-7, there are a few spaces available still. 
    • Colombia seminar at Fuerza CrossFit has a few spaces available on Feb 9. 
    • Please register online or contact us if you need help with registration.

    Seminars in the US:

    • NYC seminar - March 9 at CrossFit 5th Ave - JUST ANNOUNCED!
    • DC/VA seminar - March 10 at Capital MMA & Elite Fitness - a few spaces left.
    • Upstate NY seminar - March 23 at Flower City CrossFit - registration is open.
    • Toronto seminar - March 24 at CrossFit Colosseum - ALMOST SOLD OUT!
    • Northeast seminar - April 20 at Graham Crossfit - registration is open.
    • Vancouver seminar - April 21 at Rocky Point CrossFit - a few spaces left.
    • Midwest seminar - June 1 at CrossFit Chicago - registration is open.
    • Please register online as soon as possible to reserve a spot.

    We are confirming more dates in the US, as well as a Europe tour.  Stay tuned for more details and announcements.

    This week we answer another popular progression request for Bar Muscle Ups:

    Coach Carl

  • Upcoming Seminars, Live and Direct

    I just returned from a weekend down at CrossFit Invictus coaching at their Athletes Camp and it was such a great experience working with an incredible crew of talented athletes.  Needless to say, the 2013 CrossFit Games season is going to be an epic throwdown!

    Looking forward, I'll be back on the road in a couple of weeks for my Freestyle Connection Movement Seminars.  I'm going to kick off the 2013 sessions with another Latin America tour, this time I'm going a little bigger with stops in Colombia and Argentina as well as Ecuador.  For all my friends in Brazil, Chile, Mexico - I hear you and I will come around again!

    Finally, I will be featured with KStar for his "Maintaining Your Body" online workshop.  Check it out and enroll soon, because very human being should have the tools to perfect their movement and ensure long-lasting health and mobility!

    This week, we wrap up our series with the Kip Up on rings:

    Coach Carl

  • Farewell to the POD

    If you've been following our progressions, you probably know the SFCF POD (Parking lot of Dreams) pretty well.  The shipping containers, the tent, the rope on the catwalk, the porta-potty, the dumpsters, all outdoors.  Well, this past week SFCF has closed up the PoD and is moving to a new warehouse space just a few hops away, so get ready for a whole new look coming up in all of our weekly progressions!

    This week we continue with our Kip Up to Support progression on the rings, with more hops:

    Coach Carl




  • Movement and Orientation

    The ability to manage and change orientations is a key skill to have for skill transfer to other bodyweight movements.  Burpees, Kick Up to Handstand, Cartwheels, and Candlestick Rolls are basic examples of changing orientation on stable and multiple points of contacts.  But what if you were on minimal and unstable points of contacts like the Rings?  Then we have something like this week's progression with the Kip Up to Support, which is the most efficient way to get from an Inverted Hang (upside down) to a Support Hold (right-side up) on the Rings.  While this movement in an of itself may not seem very practical in everyday life, the skill transfer potential is huge for other Ring movements where changes in orientation are involved, like the Muscle Up.  Go practice and let me know what you find!

    Coach Carl

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year and welcome 2013! It's really been incredible to have met and worked with so many of you in the past year, and I'm excited that we will have even more to offer in 2013. I hope you all have had a good 2012 and that great things await you in 2013.  Thanks again for your support, and keep moving!

    This week we progress to work on the squared-hip cartwheel:

    Coach Carl






  • Happy Holidays!!

    I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays!  Remember to treat yourself to some quality time for all the hard work you did this year.

    This week we continue with our skill work by going to the frontal Cartwheel:

    Coach Carl






  • Lines and Shapes

    If movements are the transitions between static positions, there is always a path between the start and the finish. Next time you move, think about what is travelling and where that path is you have to follow. Whether it's the barbell, your body, your hands, your feet, find and draw that line. What shape is that line? Is it smooth and the most efficient? Is it a path that you can follow without deviating, or do you need to scale and progress up to it? Remember that path and plan your actions when you're setting up to move!

    This week, we continue to follow our line to and open it up to look more like a Cartwheel:

  • A Discussion on Bodyweight Training

    We've recently been getting a lot of questions about how and why we need to incorporate bodyweight training in our strength and conditioning programs, especially from the power sports community.  Is it important?  Why is it important?  How is doing a workout with just bodyweight going to help me?  Please watch this video response.


    For this week's progression we're also answer another big request with a new series on the Cartwheel. It's a bit different than how you might have learned it before, check it out:


    Coach Carl

  • #FreestyleConnection

    So, what is Freestyle Connection that we've been talking about for so long? It's the ability to see and break down movements, identify the patterns and relationships, and then figure out what options you have to execute that movement for your purpose. If you have a good understanding and a broad base of skills, then you'll have more options to Freestyle and Connect the skills with when you need to perform any movement. It's that simple.

    A perfect example is the progression that we have today - the last piece of the Human Flag.  To get into the hold, we've seen a lot of people will try to muscle their body up sideways, maybe even with a small hop or kick out.  But if you step back for a minute and try to connect some relevant skills, you'll see that a strong heel drive from your Cartwheel will easily get your hips up past horizontal.  Then, being able to balance a one-arm Handstand will help you get stability holding the pole.  Put that together with what you've been practicing these past few weeks and you're all set!  Do you see it?

    Helping you see the Freestyle Connection is the goal of my seminars, and all of the progressions I've posted on this site and on my DVDs. If you have any epiphanies about movement, show it and share it with us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with #FreestyleConnection!

    Coach Carl