• Celebrate 10K Facebook Likes with the new Nano 2.0!

    So we're pretty excited right now since our GWOD Facebook page hit 10,000+ fans this week! Thank you so so much for your support and we can't wait to keep helping you learn, train, and perform better through this awesome community.

    To celebrate, our friends at Reebok CrossFit are throwing in a FREE pair of fresh new Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0 shoes for one lucky GWOD fan - and you can customize every detail and color of these sick kicks! All you have to do is take a picture of yourself doing any one of our 4 favorite movements: either a Handstand Push Up, a Muscle Up, a Pistol, or a Burpee, and send the picture to us by posting it to our GWOD Facebook Page, tweeting it to @gymnasticswod, or emailing us at  Be creative with your pic and rep your team, unit, gym, city, region, you name it!  All submissions must be in by this Saturday June 23, and we'll select one winner on Sunday. If Reebok can ship you these fresh shoes from their online store, you're eligible to enter the photo contest and win.

    This week we continue building up our Planche with more strength work:

    Update on the Progression DVDs coming soon!

    Coach Carl

  • GWOD coming to DVD

    So after a quick poll on Facebook and Twitter and receiving an amazing show of support, we're all in on releasing all of our progressions on DVD format. You may be thinking - why are we doing DVDs, is it finally time to cash in on the content? Well no, it's much more than that:

    1. Our audiences are primarily gym owners, coaches and trainers. Our progressions are teaching tools, so having a DVD on hand to review with a client or a class is a far better resource than to point to a website or a Youtube (buffering...) video.
    2. The DVD content will be in HD, and you will be able to watch in slow motion, or even frame by frame, to analyze the movements. That's just not possible on the web right now (compared to the cost of DVD).
    3. A good portion of our audience is in the military and deployed in areas with spotty internet, and they've reached out to us for help to get more reliable access to our progressions. DVDs are reliable, and sharable, and we plan to ship to all deployed service men and women free to charge.

    So if there is any money left over after supporting our troops, we'll humbly accept your support. Our priority is to provide quality training to those who want and need it! Our media monkeys are hard at work right now re-encoding our entire archive of 200+ progressions to HD formats, so we expect this to hit the presses sometime in the next couple of weeks.

    This week we continue with our Planche progressions with more shoulder work:

    Coach Carl

  • Feats of Strength!

    This week we're switching it with our progressions and going from a show of skill with all that trampoline work to some feats of strength! Lots of you have asked for ways to build up to a Planche, so let's go:

    Special thanks to the crews at CrossFit Manayunk in Philly and Arenal Fitness in Baltimore this weekend for hosting my seminars, we all had an amazing time and there were some superstars in the groups. I'll be out on the road again in two weeks at CrossFit Overdrive in Vancouver and Kitsap CrossFit in Seattle.  There's only a couple of spots left at each of those sessions so I'll see you around!

    Coach Carl

  • Next Stop: Mid-Atlantic Seminars

    Hope everyone here in the U.S. is enjoying a safe Memorial Day long weekend while catching up on the last round of the CrossFit Games Regionals and getting through the tough Murph WOD. I'll be heading over to one of my favorite parts of the country next weekend - over to the Mid-Atlantic for seminars in Philadelphia and Baltimore. I'm also going up to the North West to Vancouver and Seattle for a couple more sessions, so I'm looking forward to meeting everyone before we head to the Games in July!

    This week we one final Front Tuck progression to round off our skill work before we start on some strength work again, check it out:

    Coach Carl


    This weekend we had our CrossFit Games NorCal regionals here in San Jose and it was an epic performance by all of the athletes. This event just keeps rocking hard every year so I want to send a special thanks to the judges and competition crew too! It was great meeting some of you at the event too, thanks for saying hi and showing your support.  And just like last year, we decided to cover the event and took ton of pictures now up on Facebook, so if you have any favorites that you want original high-res copies of just send us an email and we'll get you hooked up.

    We're doing more skill work this week on the trampoline again - this time on the flat bed. So for all you backward bouncers, here's something that you can practice - be safe and take it slow!

    Coach Carl

  • Hangin' with the Team

    Just got back from an another awesome trip through the North Central region before heading off to the UK, Spain, and then just now passed through Texas on the way back to SF. I had a great time doing my seminar with the crews that come out to CrossFit Omaha and CrossFit TNT - you guys are legit!

    I also got a chance to hang out with some old friends on the Spanish gymnastics national team at their practice as they prep up for the Olympics this summer. It was so inspiring, I can't wait!

    This week we keep practicing our front flips with The Modern Gypsies. Like all high level skills, you have to keep practicing and get your reps in to see consistent performance and progress!

    Coach Carl

  • Captioning Project Update - SUCCESS!

    Last week we posted a request for volunteers to help transcribe our progression videos so that they may be captioned, and immediately we were flooded with requests from this amazing community. All of the videos have been assigned already and soon we will have the captions up for all of our videos. Thanks again to all of your for being amazingly supportive and getting involved! We would not be here without you.

    This week we continue to attempt the Front Tuck on the trampoline, check it out:

    I'll be in Texas next weekend for seminars at CrossFit White Rock in Dallas and CrossFit Austin. Austin is almost sold out but there is still space at the Dallas session, come join me for some gnasty!

    Coach Carl

  • Volunteers Needed!

    Do you regularly watch our GWOD progression videos? Do you have a few extra hours to volunteer to help the community? Do you want to attend one of my Freestyle Connection gymnastics-movement seminars for free? If so, read on!

    Over the past few weeks we've been working hard here on a special project at GWOD. After receiving feedback from our community that our progression videos were inaccessible to viewers who are deaf or hearing impaired, we've been inspired to enhance our site so that we can also serve this audience so we can bring them the best movement training available. With the generous help and guidance of the amazing Amelia Penner, we are proud to announce that our GWOD video player now has Closed Captioning capabilities - check it out ! This works far beyond our own website, if you embed our GWOD videos on your own blog or website you can also enable subtitles and read every word that's said in the progression videos. But wait, there's more work to be done...

    Since we have over 180 progression videos with a new one added each week, we are asking YOU to volunteer and help us do some of the transcribing. As our sincere thanks for your efforts, in return we would like to invite you to attend a Freestyle Connection seminar for free. So if you're interested in helping out, please send us an email and we'll get you hooked up!

    Speaking of progressions, this week we're getting wild again with The Modern Gypsies working on some front flips!

    Finally, WOW! What a strong showing to kick off the CrossFit Games Regionals this weekend. I don't know about you, but we're glued to watching all of those update summaries until it hits our region.

    Coach Carl

  • Back on the Seminar Tour

    The CrossFit Games fever is catching on fast with the Regionals about to go in full swing, but I'm going to have to keep an eye on it while I go on another whirlwind tour over the next 3 weeks to give 6 Freestyle Connection gymnastics-movement seminars. So if you haven't signed up yet to a seminar, go get it done and I hope to see you there!

    This week we continue our trampoline progressions with The Modern Gypsies in action:

    Coach Carl

  • Aerial Awareness and Learning to Move with Precision

    We usually perform a lot of our movements relative to something solid and rigid, most of the time we're testing ourselves against gravity while rooted on the ground. It's easy and almost comforting to train against gravity as we have a lifetime of experience with it. But what about movements where we are not anchored and can't use solid footing as a reference? The double unders on the jump rope feels tricky even though you're only hopping inches off the ground. The rope climbs are no go even though you can climb a ladder no problem. The muscle up transitions feels impossible with the rings going all over the place.

    So how do you train for that moment of weightlessness, and how do you master movements when you're not pushing or pulling against a rigid surface? One tool that gymnasts use to gain aerial awareness is the trampoline, where the athlete is able to spend more time in the air. As an exaggeration of reality, the athlete can then focus on precision movements to achieve proper positioning and controlled transitions under any orientation.

    Over the few weeks, with the help of The Modern Gypsies we'll show you several progressions using the trampoline. If you have access to a trampoline, go try it out! But only go as quick as you can stay in control, don't be a knucklehead and get yourself hurt.

    We're less than two weeks away from our seminar at CrossFit Omaha and CrossFit TNT! These sessions are almost sold out, so last call to sign up if you haven't already.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    Coach Carl