CrossFit Games 2012

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  • CrossFit Games Breakdown 12.1

    Welcome back to the GymnasticsWOD CrossFit Games Breakdown for the 2012 season! In this video we'll talk about some warm-up, key positions, movement patterns, and strategies to get you peak performance for your 7 minute AMRAP Burpees for the CrossFit Games Open 12.1 WOD.

    Warm-up: Work on those hips! Check MobilityWOD for the full warmup cycle.

    The Efficient Burpee: We've covered this movement before in the Burpee Skill Transfer series in full detail, so check it HERE.

    The Kip: You may be able to power and grind though 50 or more burpees with dirty push ups and then hopping... pulling... dragging your feet in, but things could quickly go down hill from there in the final minutes. If you recall your kipping skills on the bar and even your kipping Toes to Bar, think of doing those movements starting from your belly and really use your hip drive and hip closing to sweep your legs in and under you.

    The Transition: If you've got the Kip working efficiently, you've essentially created plenty of useful tension and torque in your system that will do more than just sweep your feet in. Leverage the sweeping motion and push away from the ground at the same time to rotate and bring your chest up, similar to a gymnastics snapdown. Don't waste the explosiveness of the kip, it's like dry-firing a Shaman's Bow that is your body and you don't want to do that.

    The Jump: The closer your feet are in together, the taller you'll stand and the less you'll need to jump to touch the target. With feet together you'll also wind up more tension in your hamstrings to make the kick out easier. When you're doing anything high-rep, consistency is key so always keep a check on your foot placement (not up at the target) and make your last rep look and pace like the first one.