Announcing free+style, the Book

I'm excited to announce my latest project and biggest project to date - a book entitled free+style | maximizing sport and life with four basic movements.

I have been on the most incredible journey over the last few years, from my experiences coaching Annie Thorisdottir to become a two-time Fittest Woman on Earth to interacting with thousands of coaches and athletes on I am pumped now to pour my knowledge and experiences into my latest endeavor — free+style: maximize sport and life performance with four basic movements. This book is designed to help you achieve physical success by applying the movement framework that I have crafted over the years. I will show you why you should care about movement so you can perform to your highest potential.

In the coming months I will be sharing a lot of concepts, previews, and planning special events for free+style the book as we get ready closer to its release.  Please go to our official website for the book now to subscribe to our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.  Thanks for your support!

This week we continue with more push ups, this time scaling up with speed and power:

Coach Carl