Back to Basics

You may have heard me say this before - if you've got to 60% of the way you're ready to move onto the next step, but always come back to revisit the basics and practice until you get a solid foundation. Well this week, we're going back to the basics with the Bar Pull Up and the Kip. KStar and I had discussed the Pull Up recently on the MobilityWOD from the faults perspective, so let's go over it again in some detail as many of you had questions about what is proper. Then we'll talk about the Kip on the bar, a skill that is pretty universal in translating to all kinds of other movements and skills:

More Freestyling! In the last couple of weeks we showed you how to get to your feet off your belly efficiently using the Burpee, this week we'll do the same off your back using the Candlestick Roll:

Coach Carl