Bi-Lateral + Uni-Lateral = Functional

In the training room, it's easy to bias our training to bi-laterally lifts and movements.  But in real life, we perform far more unilateral movements - from walking, running, cycling, driving, picking up a bag, kicking or throwing a ball.  Almost any type of activity or sport requires sequences of uni-lateral movements, so it's important we work in some uni-lateral bodyweight movements in our training as well.

This week's progression we work on a great uni-lateral drill that I practice often with my bboying (breakdancing) training:

For more insight into the bboy movements and progressions, check out my teacher's website BBoy Milestone, BBoy Wicket, and I along with the help of Reebok and the Renegades Crew will also be hosting Down and Dirty 2.  This will be our second breakdance competiton that we've hosted in San Francisco, it's all going down on September 21st at DNA Lounge. Hope to see you there!

Coach Carl