Blocking Movement for Quality Squats


We hear this all the time when squatting in the gym, but what does that mean?  Those cues sure didn't make much sense to my parents when they needed some guidance for a proper squat, especially when I'm not hovering over them to see or correct the faults.  So then how do we progress someone with little squatting experience with the proper mechanics, for every single rep that they'll be attempting?  And how do we also progress someone with a lot of squatting experience but with a lot of faults?  Well it's possible to do both with the same progression, and here is another example of where the concept of "Blocking Movement" comes into play in the training room. 

This week's progression is a demonstration of how to block movement to reinforce the best mechanics while eliminating the biggest faults.  Facts: you can't squat with duck feet if your feet are glued together; you have to force your butt back if you can't shift your body forward; and you can't cave your knees in if your arms are in the way.  Check it out!

Coach Carl