Butt Check & Knees Out

We've had a lot of viewers with great questions for the Air Squat Progression videos these past couple of weeks, and thank you for watching!  As with all our progressions, we try to show you positions and movement patterns that are safest, most efficient, and most progressive to lead into other movements and skills.

You may or may not be able to perform everything in these progressions right away, even for something as seemingly easy as the air squat.  If you have difficulty hitting the proper positions, achieving full range of motion, or finding stability, then it's time to assess what's going on and work on closing that gap.

Choosing to air squat with poor mechanics because it's easier is like driving around with a leaky tire while riding your clutch - sure you're still moving, but if you don't fix these problems it's just a matter of time before your body breaks down!

Coach Carl