Butterfly Pull Up Progression Pt.1


The Butterfly Pull Up is the most dynamic Pull Up variation and utilizes the entire body to transition into faster and stronger pulls.  Compared with the Kipping Pull Up, the Butterfly Pull Up cuts down on half of the swing cycle and thus results in much faster reps.  Compared with the Strict Pull Up, the Butterfly Pull Up maximizes the use of the kip swing and thus results in the ability to do more volume.  Needless to say, this Butterfly Pull Up variation requires the most skill - which means more practice!

In this first video, Carl demonstrates the fundamental differences between the Butterfly and Kipping Pull Up transitions on a low-bar.  With feet still on the ground and relaxed, this set up is a great opportunity to find your optimal body positions for the pull up and the drop.  Note that the head position is now different than what was ideal for the strict and kipping pull up; you will want to look up above the horizon and bar as your body is in global extension during the transition and you may not even see the bar as you pull past it.  The rules for the head position are the same: if you look up at the right time your body will project in global extension to load up properly for the next rep; if you panic to spot the bar or the ground you will likely interrupt the kip and drop prematurely.