Butterfly Pull Up Progression Pt.2


The Butterfly Pull Up is the most dynamic Pull Up variation and utilizes the entire body to transition into faster and stronger pulls.  Compared with the Kipping Pull Up, the Butterfly Pull Up cuts down on half of the swing cycle and thus results in much faster reps.  Compared with the Strict Pull Up, the Butterfly Pull Up maximizes the use of the kip swing and thus results in the ability to do more volume.  Needless to say, this Butterfly Pull Up variation requires the most skill - which means more practice!

In this video, Coach Carl demonstrates the butterfly pull up in slow motion and pausing at the end of each transition.  Carl discusses the body shapes for the butterfly pull up; going from a kip up to the bar by pulling the body up in global flexion or hollow body, to dropping down to the bottom by pushing the body into global extension or superman.  The ability to create these big shapes with your body is key to learning this skill, so start off slow to figure out how to get into these basic shapes before attempting to go fast.