Butterfly Pull Up Progression Pt.3


The Butterfly Pull Up is the most dynamic Pull Up variation and utilizes the entire body to transition into faster and stronger pulls.  Compared with the Kipping Pull Up, the Butterfly Pull Up cuts down on half of the swing cycle and thus results in much faster reps.  Compared with the Strict Pull Up, the Butterfly Pull Up maximizes the use of the kip swing and thus results in the ability to do more volume.  Needless to say, this Butterfly Pull Up variation requires the most skill - which means more practice!

In this video, Carl explains how to add a kick in the kip swing for more explosiveness to yeild more speed and power. We normally talk about keeping the legs straight while kipping for a simple shape, globally flexing and extending the body like a bow with no kinks in the system.  However, if timed right a knee bend and kick may be executed at the right time to load the system up even more to add more tension to be released in the kip.  As we add more complexity to the skill, it's important to still keep a focus on the clean form and good positions while practicing the new techniques and timing, otherwise the movement quickly becomes an out-of-control, swinging mess.