Butterfly Pull Up Progression Pt.4


The Butterfly Pull Up is the most dynamic Pull Up variation and utilizes the entire body to transition into faster and stronger pulls.  Compared with the Kipping Pull Up, the Butterfly Pull Up cuts down on half of the swing cycle and thus results in much faster reps.  Compared with the Strict Pull Up, the Butterfly Pull Up maximizes the use of the kip swing and thus results in the ability to do more volume.  Needless to say, this Butterfly Pull Up variation requires the most skill - which means more practice!

In this video, Carl explains how to clean up your form and execute the Butterfly Pull Ups with a good shoulder position.  We practice pull ups not just for the sake of more pull ups, but the goal is to make this an opportunity for skill transfer into other pulling movements like Muscle Ups, Rope Climbs, and etc.  For maximum skill transfer benefit, we need to make sure the shoulders are well prepped and that the elbows are not flaring out during the transitions.  No matter how strong you are it would be very hard to transition to and receive into a strong dip if your elbows are way out to the side as a result of a sloppy pull up.  Keep everything close and tight to the midline, and you'll have faster, stronger, and more efficient transitions!