Come celebrate with your story

Well we are two days away from celebrating GWOD's first anniversary... and WOW!  It's been an phenomenal year hosting this site for the thousands of athletes that visit each day and the hundreds of athletes that have attended my seminars.  We've had over 1M visits, 350K uniques, and 2.5M pageviews to the site - who would have thought?  I'm very thankful for the time you spend with me here and I appreciate the opportunity you've given me to share what I know and practice what I love doing.  We will keep this rocking for a long time to come - keep training, and chase quality!

This week we have another video featuring our big guy, Adam - and this time we have the big guy doing L-Seats:

I'd love to hear your story and how GWOD has helped you to improve and overcome any obstacles - please share your story with me in the comments. 

Thank you,
+Coach Carl