Complex to Simple

While a Push Up is a basic movement, it's one that we would consider complex in terms of shape because the arms move at the shoulder level and also hinge at the elbows.  When we take the Push Up into the fullest range of motion possible, we get a Deficit Push Up.  If we look at little closer at that extreme end-range of the deficit push up, we can take it further by letting elbows start to straighten out again.  The Deficit Push Up then essentially gives us an opportunity to train simple, but more challenging strict movements and holds like Levers, Skin the Cat, and the Iron Cross by utilizing this concept of Simple->Complex->Simple: start with the simple starting position; go into a complex transition by bending the elbows with a dip; then return to a simple position by straightening the arm into a Lever hold while it is in extension.

Check out this week's video in the Deficit Push Up for more:

Coach Carl