CrossFit Games Breakdown - Regionals Workouts - Pt.2


With the 2011 CrossFit Games Regionals Workouts announced ahead of the competition this year, we are fortunate enough to get a chance to break down some of the key gymnastics movements for you with some final coaching tips and cues. In this video, Carl talks about the Handstand Push Up, and how to take it from chest against the wall as you've trained with the GWOD and skill transfer doing it with your to back against the wall.

Another KEY cue is to maintain proper head position - don't look at the ground as it will certainly compromise your position.  Look off into the distance, and even look away from the ground towards your toes to guarentee that you send your heels towards the wall even if you go with a kip.  As we've taught you on GWOD, kipping is one of those tools you can and should use for the right PURPOSE - and in this case a short kip can give you more pop while a big kip can help you reset your position if you are fatigued.  Strategize with your tools from your training, it could save you precious time and energy from having to coming down and then kick up to restart again.