Developing Skill through Accuracy

We often think of accuracy and aim when we have move and manipulate objects.  Throwing a ball at another person.  Firing a projectile at a target.  Pulling a barbell of the ground on a path accurate enough to catch it overhead.  But what if there is no object, and your body is what you are manipulating through movements?  How do you use accuracy as a measure of progress and success?

Imagine if Handstand Push Ups were not measure or judged by whether your arms are locked out at the finish, but by whether your toes can consistently touch the point of highest reach against the wall at the finish.  And what if the standard also required that your toes be the only point of contact against with the wall for the entire movement and workout?  You'd have to be pretty accurate with your movement and body control to get that same finishing position everytime, and that takes skill.  It's likely not very meaningful to be able to throw a ball far if it lands wildly in an adjacent field, so what does it mean to be able to do one or dozens of Handstand Push Ups if your body slams and slides against the wall with each rep.  Something to think about.

This week we take on the challenge to train with accuracy in our Kipping Handstand Push Up progression:

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Coach Carl