East Coast Love

Thanks to the crew and athletes at District CF and CF Spotsy for attending the Freestyle Connection seminar!

Welcome back to another week here at GWOD! I just got back from DC/VA after an amazing weekend of seminars at District CrossFit and CrossFit Spotsy, and I want to send a very special thanks to the gyms that hosted the sessions and everyone who came out - I appreciate your time, dedication, and amazing support. My next Freestyle Connection seminar is at BattleBorn CrossFit in Reno, VA on Oct.22. If you're a CF Level 1 coach, Fire/Police/Mil/Rescue, or USA gymnastics member - remember to apply the discount when you register! We've received an amazing number of request for more seminars, so please hang tight and we'll respond to your emails ASAP.  If you're interested in hosting or attending, please contact us.

This week's progression is for something totally different - yet so familiar. We're going to talk a bit about our favorite move - the Burpee:

Remember your lift PRs now, because we're going to compare them after the series to see what's up!