As Easy as Pulling Up Your Pants

What's up, GWOD?! Summer's over, the days are getting shorter, the kids are back in school, and we're back on with some serious training. I've had a few epiphanies while out on the GWOD Euro-Tour last month, so watch out for even more progressions and coachable moments - it's about to get busy!

Our gymnastics-movement seminar next week at CrossFit Milpitas is filling up fast, so if you haven't registered yet it's time to get on it. That goes for you too out there in DC/VA - start planning your trek into CrossFit Spotsy for Oct.1st and District CrossFit on Oct.2nd, and get in some last minute tips and cues before that throwdown in Charlottesville. A lot of you have asked about this - so don't forget we do give discounts out to CF Level 1 trainers, military/police/fire/rescue personnel, and USA gymnastics members. Just copy the promo code that applies and enter it when you register for the seminars online.

I heard a few of you already got the Glide Kip from the just first two progressions! Great work - and here's the magic to the finish, it's like pulling your pants up:

See you soon,