The Fear of Getting Inverted

First, a huge thanks to Windy City CrossFit in Chicago for hosting a my seminar over the weekend. It was my first time out to the Mid-West and I had an awesome time - you all totally represented! And now I'm looking at the GWOD challenge we threw down a month ago for 2012 seminars... and we have three boxes logging almost 100 GWOD results/comments already?  Holy @&#!% 2012 going to be EPIC!  SO STOKED.

OK time to deliver on some requests in this next series of progressions - how to overcome the fear of getting inverted into a handstand and other skills.  Handstands are not easy, but it's definitely something you can train and practice for.  It takes a baby about 1,000 hours of practice from the time they pull themselves upright to the time they can walk alone, so you'd likely have to make a similar commitment if you want to stand and walk on your hands.  It's more fun and safer to train with a friend, so we're going to show you how right here:

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