So, what is Freestyle Connection that we've been talking about for so long? It's the ability to see and break down movements, identify the patterns and relationships, and then figure out what options you have to execute that movement for your purpose. If you have a good understanding and a broad base of skills, then you'll have more options to Freestyle and Connect the skills with when you need to perform any movement. It's that simple.

A perfect example is the progression that we have today - the last piece of the Human Flag.  To get into the hold, we've seen a lot of people will try to muscle their body up sideways, maybe even with a small hop or kick out.  But if you step back for a minute and try to connect some relevant skills, you'll see that a strong heel drive from your Cartwheel will easily get your hips up past horizontal.  Then, being able to balance a one-arm Handstand will help you get stability holding the pole.  Put that together with what you've been practicing these past few weeks and you're all set!  Do you see it?

Helping you see the Freestyle Connection is the goal of my seminars, and all of the progressions I've posted on this site and on my DVDs. If you have any epiphanies about movement, show it and share it with us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with #FreestyleConnection!

Coach Carl