Just had another amazing weekend working with some amazing trainer and athletes at my gymnastics-movement seminars in the Midwest at New Species CrossFit and Practice CrossFit, but what really made the trip special was a quick stop by the Champions Club. I had heard about the Champions Club and knew that they were big fans and huge supporters, but going in there I had really no had no idea what to expect. What I found there was the biggest group of teens I've seen who train together because they're dedicated to improving their fitness, their athleticism, and their performance. And not just for themselves, but they're also influencing their brothers, sisters, and even parents to participate too. Their attitude was amazing and their work ethic inspires me. Take a moment to check out their site and their story, and give them a high-five for being awesome. They are the future!

This week we continue with our Planche progression with some leg work:

Coach Carl