GWOD coming to DVD

So after a quick poll on Facebook and Twitter and receiving an amazing show of support, we're all in on releasing all of our progressions on DVD format. You may be thinking - why are we doing DVDs, is it finally time to cash in on the content? Well no, it's much more than that:

  1. Our audiences are primarily gym owners, coaches and trainers. Our progressions are teaching tools, so having a DVD on hand to review with a client or a class is a far better resource than to point to a website or a Youtube (buffering...) video.
  2. The DVD content will be in HD, and you will be able to watch in slow motion, or even frame by frame, to analyze the movements. That's just not possible on the web right now (compared to the cost of DVD).
  3. A good portion of our audience is in the military and deployed in areas with spotty internet, and they've reached out to us for help to get more reliable access to our progressions. DVDs are reliable, and sharable, and we plan to ship to all deployed service men and women free to charge.

So if there is any money left over after supporting our troops, we'll humbly accept your support. Our priority is to provide quality training to those who want and need it! Our media monkeys are hard at work right now re-encoding our entire archive of 200+ progressions to HD formats, so we expect this to hit the presses sometime in the next couple of weeks.

This week we continue with our Planche progressions with more shoulder work:

Coach Carl