GWOD Start App is Here!

I'm very excited to introduce the GWOD Start app - now available for free for all iOS, Android, and Kindle devices! 

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is "How do I get started with body-weight training and using GymnasticsWOD?"  That's not an easy question to answer, because athletes from all over come from different backgrounds and experiences, struggle with different challenges, and are driving towards different goals.  I also believe that all athletes should learn how to move, so they can move to learn and "practice their training".  That said, I've decided to create a new GWOD Start app that is the same great format as our current GWOD Spot app, but customize the programming to a 4-week on-ramp focus. 

While the GWOD Start program is designed to help someone completely learn how to move and learn to train with bodyweight exercises, it is also designed to help advanced athletes build a stronger foundation and a broader base of skill.  The program includes strength components, skill practice, metabolic conditioning, as well as flexibility work.  The program and app also embeds all of the relevant GWOD progression videos for you to watch anywhere and at anytime.  We wanted to make it easy for you integrate gymnastics into your routine and keep it relevant to your training, sport, and life.

Download the GWOD Start app now and give it a go, on iOS, Android.  If you enjoy the app, please share with someone you care about and take a moment to rate it as well.  Thank you!

This week we finish our Roll to HSPU progression with one swift transition:

Coach Carl