Hard Work, Passion, and Talent

It's only the beginning of April and hard to believe that I've already travelled four continents, five countries, and four states for 12 seminars! If you don't know what my seminars are about, here's a video trailer with a glimpse of the action that one of the participants in Ecuador filmed and produced. We had no idea that this video was a gift and huge surprise, so special thanks to Dana, the videographer and producer of the video, for her hard work, passon, talent, and mind-blowing creativity.

Next month will be a busy one, as I'll be hitting up the CrosFit TNT in the St. Louis area and CrossFit Omaha, Thames CrossFit in London and Mundo CrossFit in Madrid, and CrossFit White Rock in Dallas and CrossFit Austin for more seminar sessions. Please sign up soon before they sell out!

This week we complete another progression series on the Back Extension Roll:

Coach Carl