How do I log my results for completed workouts?

At Gymnastics WOD, we don't just dish out the workouts to you in a vacuum - we want to so much more and help you track your progress and show improvements!  This also helps us refine and tweak our programming, to make sure that it really does help you get better, stronger, and faster.

To log your result for a WOD:

  1. From the home page or workout archive, click on the title of the workout that you had completed to go to that workout's detail page.
  2. In addition to the WOD tab, you should also see a Whiteboard tab now.  You should see a link in the Whiteboard tab to click to enter your results.

In addition to logging your results, you can also view top results by you and other members of this site in the Whiteboard tabs.  Our goal is to help you track your progress while also showing how you compare with the rest of the community.