Kipping Toes To Bar Progression Pt.1


The Toes-to-Bar movement is one most dynamic core movements. Performing a Toes to Bar is similar to a V-Up where the primary mover is the hip flexion, but this movement also requires you to hang from a bar to include an element of grip strength and greater flexibility. In this series, Coach Carl breaks down the Toes-to-Bar with a kip to help you apply skill to this advanced movement for more speed and volume with maximum efficiency.

In this video, Carl discusses the first means of scaling this movement is to reduce the range of motion until the athlete's position and form is correct. One of the more common challenges with athletes for a good kip is limited shoulder and thoracic mobility, so using the rings as a tool to practice will help offload some of the stiffness for a more fluid swing and to help you get into the ideal positions. From there, practice kipping and progressively close the hip with piked legs, slowly increasing the range of motion until you can reach toes to rings. Try to keep your shoulders as still as possible by just hanging rather than pulling with the upper body.