Kipping Toes To Bar Progression Pt.2


The Toes-to-Bar movement is one most dynamic core movements. Performing a Toes to Bar is similar to a V-Up where the primary mover is the hip flexion, but this movement also requires you to hang from a bar to include an element of grip strength and greater flexibility. In this series, Coach Carl breaks down the Toes-to-Bar with a kip to help you apply skill to this advanced movement for more speed and volume with maximum efficiency.

In this video, Carl continues to work practice the Kipping Toes to Bar movement by shortening the straps to the rings.  This allows him to increase the difficulty by reducing the amount of give at the point of contact with the rings, and eventually moving back on to the bar for the actual movement.  Finally, Carl explains how to take this skill variation of the movement and apply skill transfer principles to work on the strict version of the Toes to Bar.