New DVDs available for Pre-Order!

The new batch of GWOD progression DVDs are coming!  We've sent them off to the presses and they should be in stock any day now.  The new discs and bundles includes all of the movement progressions I've been posting on the site this year, plus a few that we've filmed and have not yet released.

We produce these DVDs in addition to our web-videos and mobile app because our athletes and users have found that it's much easier to follow our progressions on the TV and big screen.  The DVDs also neatly organizes the content in series and focuses, so it's a great learning tool for yourself or to share with others.  Best of all, the DVDs allow us to deliver training content to those without reliable internet access - and we've been donating hundreds of discs and DVD bundles to our deployed military overseas and abroad and will continue to do so!  Please head over to the GWOD DVDs catalog and pre-order the DVDs and bundles now, and we thank you for your support!

This week we continue with our One-Arm Handstand progression with a fun drill:

Coach Carl