New England, New York, and the Usumacinta!

Lindsey Smith getting some air!

And hello GWOD! Well I just landed coming back from one of the craziest and best trips out to the North East - we took our seminars and training to 3 amazing gyms in 3 days at CrossFit Performance, CrossFit Providence, and CrossFit Long Island City. It's inspiring to work with such talent and focus - even during the NFL Playoffs and all. And congrats to the Pats and the Giants for making it to the Superbowl!

Meanwhile, let's continue to follow The Modern Gypsies adventure through the Usumacinta and Quito now that they have internet access again to update their blog. Be safe out there! Here's the next segment of our training prep with The Gypsies and Carl while they were in SF:

We also have our GWOD progression this week with everyone's favorite L-Hang Pull Up:

Last but not least, my next Freestyle Connection Seminar is at LAX CrossFit in LA next weekend and spaces are still available!

See you soon,