Pardon Our Dust

If you're reading this right now on the GWOD website you've probably noticed that we've had some remodeling done over the weekend. Our web-monkey has been hard at work non-stop making sure all the cracks are filled and the paint dries pretty, so please don't mind a few tech hiccups while we get things cleaned up.

A few words about the makeover - no one likes change, but we decided this was a great time to redesign in order make more progressions and movements available to you as tools for your workouts and training. All of you have been killing it and have shown an impressive amount of progress lately. If you bear with adjusting to a few changes the new layout, we are certain that you will be able to access more material that will help you get even better, faster, sooner.

You'll notice that the workouts from the old layout has not been brought over, but we are keeping all of the old data alive and archived at  If you need anything specific from the old-school GWOD, just let us know and we'll get it to you pronto.

If you want to subscribe to the GWOD workouts to have it delivered, please reset your RSS and email subscriptions.  For RSS, simply add to your favorite RSS reader. For emails, please created an account or log in with Facebook so the system has your email address to know where to send it, and then click Subscribe at the bottom of any workout.  You can also subscribe to Movements or Progressions too, to get in on our weekly goodies.  We no longer have text messaging for the workouts... it only worked within the U.S., so maybe one day we will get that happening again.

Seminar bookings - my email has been overflowing with requests and I really can't clone myself as some of you had suggested, so here's my attempt at making my rounds out to as many locations as possible.  Gyms, trainers, and anyone who's interested in having my Freestyle Connection movement seminar - please find more info and submit a request HERE.

So on to our weekly goody - more burpees!  If done right, burpees are supposed to build up your explosiveness, so this week we're showing you exactly which part of that nasty is going to make your hips pop:

If you want to experience some a true inspiration and how being positive is going to change your game, make sure you watch how Annie T. does it back home in Iceland on today's Journal feature.