Pull and Grip Strength Progression Pt.5


In this progression series, Coach Carl demonstrates different ways to build up pull and grip strength with different gear through multiple modalities.

In this video, Carl shows how to improve your pulling mechanics by use the Rogue Pull Up Globe.  In this case, the design of the Pull Up Globe forces you to grip and hang on by pulling your palms and forearms in, thereby creating external rotation in the shoulders and pulling everything in toward the midline.  At the same time, the diameter of the Globe also blocks your movements where you must go into global extension (bow the body) in order to clear your head to complete the Pull Up; simply throwing your head back will not help, the Globe will force you to learn how to globally extend the body to create room.  This leads into skill transfer to a variety of pulling movements including Strict Muscle Ups, Kipping or Butterfly Chest or Bar Pull Ups, and Rope Climbs.