Push Up Progression Pt.5


The Push Up is probably one of the most common and basic body-weight exercises, but not everyone can do them properly.  In this progression series we discuss the ideal positions and transitions so you can maximize the benefits of performing this movement.

In this video, Coach Carl demonstrates another way to scale the Push Up by allowing the athlete to bow the body.  The athlete should always start by descending with a straight body in strict form; the belly is tight and butt is squeezed.  From the bottom, the athlete then pushes up while allowing the body to bow in global extension - quite similar to the "Upward Dog" in yoga.  Note the butt is still engaged to protect the lower back from over-extending.  From there, the athlete engages the abs to pull the belly back up to the plank position, essentially dissecting the push up into two movements using more skill and scaling the strength component.  The goal is to enable the athlete to practice the same pushing mechanic and range of motion at the shoulder level while enabling the athlete to scale by bowing their body, eventually reducing the degree of bowing required as their strength increases.