Quality Mechanics Go a Long Way

Why are one-arm push ups so hard, when you can easily bench your bodyweight? Why are pistols so hard, when you can easily front or back squat your bodyweight? Why are one-armed pull ups so difficult, when you can pull a loads greater than your bodyweight?

Well, if your movement mechanics aren't solid, even small flaws become gaping holes when you remove a point of contact. If you don't initiate your push up properly with the shoulder, it's that much harder to press up with one arm. If you don't have great squat mechanics, it feels impossible to stand up with one leg.

Removing a point of contact then not only adds an element of rotation, balance and coordination, but it also challenges the quality of your mechanics for the underlying movement pattern. So anytime you struggle with one-armed or one-legged movements, see that as a test and really take a hard look at your movement mechanics.  Spend more time than you think to work on getting it right!

This week, we use the pistol as an example with this progression:

Coach Carl