Recover, Replenish, Rebuild, Retest

I'm not a nutritionist or doctor, but in working with athletes of all levels I do know that maintaining great health and diet is key to success.  If you don't eat and refuel properly, it's garbage in garbage out.  If you don't check up on your health, you could look like a race car but might be a leaky bucket under the hood.  Take the time to prioritize your health and nutrition and you'll see quicker recoveries, faster gains, and be able to keep those gains for a bigger and more solid foundation.  The time is now, today and everyday.

For fuel, almost everyone has their favorite brand and mix of protein and suppliments.  Read the label and understand how it works to make sure you're taking what you need.  If you don't have a preferred source yet, I highly recommend NutriForce Sports after working with Annie Thorisdottir and seeing her performance and recovery with the products.  Full disclosure: Annie is now a NutriForce Sports athlete and I now also endorse their products because I see its positive results.  If you want to try I've got us a 25% off promo code you can use.  Just enter "paoli25" at checkout to get 25% off your entire Nutriforce Sports order - that's a sweet deal.

For health and wellness, there is no excuse but to make sure you're progressing in the right direction.  Human bodies are amazing and incredibly robust, but as we continuously undergo the changes and stress of training we must monitor our progress also from within.  My team and I have been working with WellnessFX for a couple of years now and they have an incredible service to provide blood panel and bio-marker testing to track all of the essential health indicators, and more.  And it's so easy and affordable: you sign up online for a package that suits your needs (starting at only $29!), print a lab-test form, walk into any of the 4000+ LabCorp testing centers across the U.S. to get your blood drawn, and your results appear online after a few days.  They also have a full staff of doctors and nutritions to consult and interpret your results if you need.  Doctors on demand, on your schedule.  Even if you already have a health plan, WellnessFX can be a great way for you to take control of your health and data to track your progress.  Hop over to WellnessFX to check out their options to test, retest.

This week we work on scaling more Push Ups with skill once again:

Coach Carl