Rolling Pistol Progression Pt.1


In this series, Coach Carl discusses how to use the Candlestick Roll as an assistance to scale a one-legged squat, also known as the Pistol.  The Pistol is a complex movement as it requires strength, balance, mobility, and coordination.  Adding the Roll to the Pistol enables the athlete to decrease the load through momentum; maintain the balance aspect as the athlete doesn't need to hold onto a band, rack, or partner; improves skill and coordination by incorporating the Roll.

In this first progression, Coach Carl demonstrates how to do a proper Candlestick Roll into a Squat position.  The key is to get your hip into extension as you roll back onto your upperback and shoulders and drive your toes up to the ceiling in front of you. Don't bend at the hip and let your feet go past your lead, or you will lose all that momentum you are trying to create.  On the roll forward back up to your feet, do a quick Sit Up, tuck, and drive your heels to your butt to create a fast rotation onto your feet, and you should end up at the bottom of your Squat.