Second Wave of 2012 Seminars!

Hi team!  It's cold outside, have you got your GWOD hoodie yet to stay toasty?

This past week we've been busy coordinating with gyms all over the U.S. and abroad to set up seminars for 2012, and I'm excited to be able to reach out to even more states, regions, countries, and continents!  Check out these new seminar locations:

Thanks to the amazing athletes and trainers who've implemented GWODs at their gyms in the past few weeks, with some even logging 150+ GWOD results in this short time.  That is incredible dedication and I can't appreciate it enough.  And to those of you who had attended my seminar, thank you all for participating and collaborating with me to build something special together.  I hope to have a chance to work with everyone of you at a future session - don't forget to get your seminar discount if you log 30+ GWOD results, are a CF Level 1, Military/Police/Fire/Rescue, or USA Gymnastics member!

This week we wrap up our short series on the L-Seat progressions.  There is no mystery to this one, you just have to put in some work and get conditioned and here's how you go about it: