Shapes and Skills

When we work on learning or developing a new skill, one of the first things we need to do is to look at the shape of the body.  We're not talking about angles and what each joint is doing, but what does the overall shape of your body look like?  Are you flexing or extending globally?  Are you tucked into a ball or fully extended?  Often these shapes become your starting and finishing posititions, then the skill is finding the most efficient transition between these positions.  So if you don't get your shapes right, there's a slim chance your transitions are going to be excuted efficiently with consistency each time.

To demonstrate the point, we're taking it to this week's progression with the Butterfly Pull Up:

Quick update: I have 2 weekends of seminars coming up in June - I'll be in Houston and Atlanta this weekend, then Chicago and Columbus mid month.  Looking forward to sharing some Freestyle Connections!

Coach Carl