Simple to Complex

The highest level skills are often the ones with the most complex body shapes, so as we work on developing our skills through progressions we always go from the simplest body shapes to the most complex.  This week's example of the Butterfly Pull Up progression shows just that - we change the shape by adding a kick to the kip for more explosiveness.  If your knee bend and kick is timed wrong, you will be adding an unwanted kink in the system and you'll lose tension and leak power.  But if your knee bend and kick is timed right, you will will load up the system to peak tension and you'll explode with more power.  Soccer players do this to with every kick to transfer all of their energy to the ball, and in our case we want to transfer all of the energy up back the chain for the pull up to the bar.

Special thanks to CrossFit Armada and CrossFit East Decatur for hosting my Freestyle Connection Movement Seminar this weekend! I'll be in Chicago and Columbus in two weeks for another weekend of seminars - register now and come join me!

Coach Carl