Strength vs. Skill

This week we're wrapping up the Burpee Skill Transfer series with one last nugget of knowledge. You've learned now how to jump and stick that landing, how to pop with your hips to pull your feet in and out, so now we're going to apply even more skill to the movement by kipping and rotating to get your body upright even faster. Sure, you can press and squat your way out through a few Burpees by muscling through it, but if you're doing a high volume you're going to need some skill to make it uber efficient. This also skill transfers right into our weightlifting where strength may help you get the bar off the ground, but skill will really help get your body under that weight fast for a strong position.

Some announcements:

P.S. Rumor is that someone EPIC got their Iron Cross with help from the GWOD progressions! That's some amazing work and dedication - is that a GWOD first for the Iron Cross movement?