Success Through Quality

When I started GymnasticsWOD 2 years ago this week, I would have never imagined the success we are experiencing today. My mission and my goal was to promote quality in movement training. I wanted to help everyone to understand how movement works so anyone can participate at any level.

I wasn't really sure if any of this craziness in my head made any sense, but with your amazing support something huge has developed. From your questions and feedback, I've made 200+ movement progressions, which are now available on DVD here and at the Rogue Fitness store. With your support through the DVDs, we've been fortunate enough to be able to DVDs free to the troops on every request. Through these progressions I've realized trainers and athletes everywhere needed more in-person instruction, so I've created and conducted over 50 Freestyle Connection Movement Seminars around the world to help bridge the knowledge gap. We've printed 4 runs of GWOD t-shirts now so that you, our awesome fans, can represent this message of success through quality.

As of now, we have had 560k unique visitors, 3.1 million page views, and 1 million video views to the GymnasticsWOD website, and our Youtube channel also has another 670k video views. That's a phenomenal amount of interest and dedication for gymnastics, fitness, and desire quality movements! This journey has been amazing so far and we're excited for the future. Thank you!!

This week, we go back for some more Human Flag action:

Coach Carl