On Tour


Hey gang! Currently having a blast back on the tail end of my European tour after an awesome weekend in South Africa - I can't wait for my seminar along with Annie Thorisdottir at CrossFit Reykjavik this Sunday! It's just been a phenomenal opportunity I've had to be able to travel the world and find CrossFit in every city and just around every corner. If you get a chance to travel CF style I'd highly recommend it - check out the good folks at WODTours as they're making the dream happen!

This week we're going to talk more about jumping and landing and with a squat. Control is key, especially during that transition in the air. Do a few, check your feet, and see if you can you make it look the same coming down as you do going up.

Another bonus Freestyle feature with more Burpee skill transfer in the field:

Coach Carl