Training for the Field

Hello coaches and athletes! We have to remember that when we're in the training room we're often learning to move and condition our body with strength, skill, and stamina for purposes on the field. Whether its for competition, work, or general fitness, try to find the application and skill transfer with your training.

Something we don't always do enough in the training room but see a lot in the field is work in our transverse plane, or when we do a lot of twisting and turning. Try some Leg Circles - having control is key and here is a progression to build up to it:

Meanwhile, a lesson we've been talking a while now about with the Burpee can be taken onto the field for something as simple as a quick get-up when you need to be constantly ready:

I'll be in Cape Town, South Africa next week for the first time and doing a seminar at Cape CrossFit!  Only a couple of spaces left for this one, I can't wait to see you there!