Training for Skill Transfer

Why do you do Pull Ups?  Sure, everyone wants to be able to do more reps or race through some quick sets, but if you're not practicing Pull Ups for better Muscle Ups, Rope Climbs or more complex pulling movements, you're missing out.  All the training that you do should be helping you build a solid foundation and help you progress to the next level, and that means always chasing quality to look for the best positions and cleanest form.  Your Pull Ups may not feel 't feel like they're getting easier, but you'll definitely notice a difference down the line when you attack the next progression.

This week is our last piece on the Butterfly Pull Up:

I have 2 more seminars coming up this weekend at CrossFit Chicago and CrossFit Grandview.  If you haven't signed up there may be a space or two remaining.  I'll see you there!

Coach Carl