Yes to More Stretching

First off, this is not about the discussion on recent research about how static stretches during warm up could affect or inhibit an athletes performance.  What we are talking about here is why flexibility is an important part in your strength and conditioning training, and what are the basic shapes you should be able to achieve with stretches and mobility work. 

We often get asked "How much stretching should I really be doing?  Holding a middle split for 3 minutes seems like a REALLY long time!"  Well, if one of your goals is to increase range of motion then you should train and practice the relevant stretches for as long and often as prescribed.  Be smart about it though - if you start to feel numb or tingly during the hold, it's time to stop and come out of it.  But do make flexibility work a habit and integrate that into your program and you will see overall improvements.

If you look at the GWOD programming here on the site, we devote one out of every 4 days to flexbility.  That's roughly 25% of the time focused on some stretch or mobility work, and a pretty significant amount of time and effort on improving flexibility!

For this week's progression, we head to the whiteboard on a quick primer on what the key stretches and exercises are to improve your flexiblity as a starting point:

Coach Carl