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  • Back Tuck

    • Stand tall with abs and butt on
    • Initiate straight jump and make sure the arms swing past ears to give direction
    • At the apex of the jump, initiate an explosive “knees through elbows”
    • Hold the tuck position during the entire rotation
    • Stick the landing by stomping the ground in a partial squat
  • Backward Roll

    • From a standing position, keep your arms up and sit back into a squat and roll onto your back
    • As soon as your butt and back touches the ground, bend your arms and reach behind your ears
    • Your hands should catch ground as you continue to roll back on your shoulders, protecting and taking any pressure off your neck and head
    • To complete the roll, allow the momentum to bring your legs and hips over your head
    • Only when the hips roll past vertical over your body do you press with your arms to finish the rotation to land on your feet again
  • Bent Arm Back Extension Roll

    • Begin the movement same as a Roll to Candlestick, starting with arms up and sitting down to roll on to your butt and back
    • As you place your hands down behind your ears to roll onto your shoulders into the Candlestick position, extend the hips and drive the feet up into the ceiling in one explosive motion
    • As the hip drive inverts your body and gives it some lift, push with your hands behind your head against the ground into a Handstand
  • Bent Arm Back Extension Roll to Push Up Position

    ... (details coming soon)

  • Bent Arm Pike Press to Handstand, Lower to Inverted Hang, Kip Up to Support

    • From a support hold, roll your body forward to bring your hips up
    • With the legs straight, extend your hips and drive your heels straight up to press into a handstand
    • From the handstand position, lower yourself into the bottom in a flexed arm position
    • Transition the grip and allowed your body to drop into an inverted hang
    • With legs still straight, flex and fold the hip into a pike position bringing your knees to your nose
    • Extend and open the hips in one explosive while driving your heels down to create forward rotation of your body around the rings and finish in a support hold
  • Butterfly Pull Up

    • Initiate a kip by swinging feet front and back, and follow swing motion through to hips and then shoulders
    • The body should bow from global extension to global flexion
    • At the apex of the "from" portion of the swing you will spot the bar, and do the fastest pull that will get your chin over the bar (or chest to the bar)
    • Follow through by pulling yourself under the bar by maintaining global extension
    • When arms reach full extension, the body should be fully extended as well; i.e. arms behind ears, hips forward and feet behind you
    • If you hit the sweet spot the body should be fully loaded to initiate the next swing and pull up

    Note: Make sure to maintain traction through full range of motion.

  • Cartwheel

    ... (details coming soon)

  • Chest to Bar Butterfly Pull Up with Kick

    ... (details coming soon)

  • Chest to Bar Pull Up with Kip

    ... (details coming soon)

  • Chest to Bar Pull Up with Kip and Kick

    ... (details coming soon)