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  • Kipping Ring Row

    • Start in a Hollow Body position with feet on a box and hang with straight arms from the rings
    • With legs straight and tight body, thrust the hips up to the rings
    • As the body ascends, allow arms to bend to assist the movement

    Note: This movement is not initiated with an arm pull, it done with a big hip drive up to the rings.

  • Knees to Elbows

    • Start by hanging in a hollow body position
    • Arms and shoulders glued to your ears
    • Pull your thighs to your chest, and pull your heels to your butt
    • And ascend the knees until they touch the elbows, or pass the elbows if your knees are glued together
    • Keep the head in during entire movement

    Note: Ideally the knees would pass the elbows by keeping thighs and knees together

  • Knees to Elbows with Kip

    • Initiate a kip by swinging feet front and back, and follow swing motion through to hips and then shoulders
    • The body should bow from global extension to global flexion
    • At the apex of the "from" portion of the swing initiate an aggressive "knees to elbows"
    • Once knees meet or pass elbows, explode quickly out of the tuck and send toes directly back into a hollow body position
    • Don't allow feet to come behind you or you will lose the timing and tension needed on the system to link them efficiently
    • Keep the head in during entire movement
  • L Hang

    ... (details coming soon)

  • L Seat

    • Start in a support hold on the rings
    • Arms straight and hand slightly turned out
    • Without dropping your chest bring legs into a 90 degree angle
    • Keep legs straight and toes pointed
  • L Seat

    • Hands on bars with knuckles facing out
    • Shoulder posted on top of the thumb
    • Point your elbows back by trying to turn your hands out
    • Lift legs up in front of you until the toes are above hip level and hold
    • Allow body to tilt back to balance

    Note: Check scaled versions. On Leg L-Seat and Tuck Seat

  • Lateral Push Up

    • Hands placed wider than shoulder width
    • Fingers spread out with index fingers pointing forward and thumbs pointing inward
    • Shoulder posted on top of the knuckle of the hand
    • Point your elbows back by trying to turn your hands out
    • Forearms vertical at full extension and flexion
    • Lower down laterally with chin, chest, and hips touching the ground
    • Keep one arm straight as a post as the other goes into a regular push up position
    • Push up through your belly
    • Maintain hollow body position throughout the entire movement
  • Leg Circles

    • Lie on the ground in a hollow body position and keep hands pressed against the floor
    • Make a full circular motion with legs in either left or right direction
    • The goal is to maximize the diameter of the circle allowing the hips to lift off the ground
    • Straight legs and pointed toes is a must!
  • Maltese Bench Press

    ... (details coming soon)

  • Middle Split

    ... (details coming soon)