Movement Demo Library

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  • Mixed Grip

    ... (details coming soon)

  • Mixed Grip with Kip

    ... (details coming soon)

  • Mixed Seat

    • Hands on bars with knuckles facing out
    • Shoulder posted on top of the thumb
    • Point your elbows back by trying to turn your hands out
    • Lift legs up in front of you in with one leg in a tuck position and the other in a straight leg position
    • Make sure knees and toes are above hip level
  • Muscle Up with Kip

    • Start in a dead hang hollow body position with shoulders glued to your ears
    • Hands are turned out and in a false grip
    • Initiate a kip by swinging feet front and back, and follow swing motion through to hips and then shoulders
    • The body should bow from global extension to global flexion
    • At the apex of the "from" portion of the swing you will spot the bar, and do the fastest pull that will get your hips to the rings
    • Followed immediate by doing a fast sit up into a pike position
    • Transition into a dip by sending the head up and over the rings while raising the toes up
    • Done correctly, this should lead you into the bottom of a regular ring dip
    • Finish with elbows in full lock out and hands with thumbs in the ten & two o'clock position
  • Narrow Push Up

    • Place hands together as close as possible
    • Trying to make a diamond shape with your thumb and index fingers
    • Shoulder posted on top of the knuckle of the hand
    • Point your elbows back by trying to turn your hands out
    • Lower down with chin, chest, and hips touching the ground
    • Push up through your belly
    • Maintain hollow body position throughout the entire movement
  • Narrow Squat

    • Place feet hip width apart or glued together
    • Feet are pointing almost straight forward, just slightly out
    • Abs and butt are on
    • Descend by pushing hips back and down
    • Fight to keep the knees out during descend
    • Descend until hip crease falls below knee level
    • Ascend by pushing hips back and then up
    • Fight to keep the knees out during ascend
  • Olympic Push Up

    • Squeeze belly and but tight
    • Push feet and hands into the ground
    • Try to pick you belly off the ground
    • Follow with the rest of your body

    Scaled version: Go on your knees or elbows, or both.

  • One Arm Handstand

    ... (details coming soon)

  • One Leg Back Lever

    • Start in an inverted hang
    • Bend one leg and bring thigh towards your chest
    • With arms straight and upper body and extended leg in a hollow body position
    • Start allowing the body to descend backward and keeping the rings ibehind you
    • Hold a horizontal posisiton for 2 seconds and raise back up by driving through the hip
  • One Leg Candle Stick to Lever

    ... (details coming soon)