Box Jump

Box Jump

  • Stand a foot away from the box with chest up, abs and butt on
  • Look straight forward
  • Initiate descent by pushing hips back and keeping your chest and eyes up
  • Synchronize arm back swing with hip dip
  • Make sure arms reach back to full extension as the hips hit peak tension in the dip
  • Explode out of the hole and take off in hollow body position
  • Allow the arms to lead the direction of the body.
  • Slight lean forward is enough to get you on the box
  • Stick the landing in partial squat and arms above eye level

Burpee Box Jump

  • This movement connects a Burpee with a Box Jump
  • As you come off the ground from the push up position of the burpee, jump on to a box or block with both feet and stand tall at the top.
  • As you hop off the box back on to the ground, immediately kick out into a plank and push up position for the burpee

CrossFit Games 2012 Regionals Breakdown Event 6

We are back once again to break down Regionals events for the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games workouts. In this video we focus on the Regionals Event 6 with our tips and cues for the Toes to Bar and Burpees Box Jumps.

We've gone over these movement patterns and tips before, so here are some additional resources:

CrossFit Games Breakdown - Regionals Workouts - Pt.4

With the 2011 CrossFit Games Regionals Workouts announced ahead of the competition this year, we are fortunate enough to get a chance to break down some of the key gymnastics movements for you with some final coaching tips and cues. In this video, Carl talks about the Box Jump, and how to save your body given this extra height on the box.

With special thanks to KStar, Carl explains one option to get down from the box without blowing out your back and legs trying to jump down or step down. No one ever appreciates doing burpees, but they could be the better option to save your body for more workouts down the line.

CrossFit Games Breakdown - Week 2 Workout - Pt.4

We're back on with this week's CrossFit Games Workout 2, so let's break it down again on the gymnastics tip! In this video Carl runs through some key warm-up drills to get your hips, shoulders, squat positions ready for the Box Jumps.

CrossFit Games Breakdown - Week 2 Workout - Pt.5

We're back on with this week's CrossFit Games Workout 2, so let's break it down again on the gymnastics tip! In this video Carl runs through some simple jump-rope type hops for warm-ups, to get you nice and light on your feet to connect those Box Jumps.

CrossFit Games Breakdown - Week 2 Workout - Pt.7

We're back on with this week's CrossFit Games Workout 2, so let's break it down again on the gymnastics tip! In this video Carl lays down the tips for the Box Jumps, where maintaining great positions are key to connecting quick and efficient jumps.

CrossFit Games Breakdown - Week 3 Workout - Pt.5

Here we are once again to break down this week's CrossFit Games Workout 3 with some gymnastics application. In this segment, Carl focuses on more warm-ups drills, this time to practice getting some speed to get under the bar QUICK - more skill transfer goodness!

CrossFit Games Breakdown 12.3

We're half way through the 2012 CrossFit Games Open with 12.3, and in this video we'll talk more about warm-up, key positions, movement patterns, and strategies to get you working at high intensity and high volumes of Box Jumps, Push Presses, and Toes to Bar.

We've seen all of these movements before common to CrossFit WODs and even in last year's Open, so take a few minutes to review our tips from last year:

1. GWOD Breakdown for 2011 CrossFit Games for Toes to Bar

2. GWOD Breakdown for 2011 CrossFit Games for Box Jumps

Follow that with new information from KStar/MobilityWOD and Coach Carl:

1. MWOD Games Open 12.3 Prep and Mechanics

2. CrossFit Journal - Perfecting the Box Jump

Now to the real business - here are some tips and cues to get you through the 18 minutes of grind.  Double knot your shoe laces, it's about to go fast.

1. Box Jumps - Warm up your calves so you're not destroyed during or after the workout.  Work on the landing, and keep your feet together to make use of the rebound; the best resting spot is on top of the box.  Practice foot positions and hip flexion/extension with a couple of Burpee kick-outs and snap-ins.  Use your shoulders as your wings to guide the movement get some extra pop and keep your chest up, and find a rhythm with small arm circles as you would for connecting Butterfly Pull Ups.

2. Push Presses - Really work on stretching and opening up your shoulders so you get full range of motion for the lockout.  Warming up and finding a good setup is key to a strong finish, so spend a couple of minutes with Skin the Cat and Handstand or Bridge Up against the wall to get those shoulders open.  When working, focus on a strong and high front rack, chin in, to pop the bar up to full lockout.

3. Toes to Bar - Last years tips really tell it all, so pay attention to that 12 minute video.  Something that we always get asked is "is it ok to close your shoudlers to shorten your leg swing up to the bar?"  Sure, but this is really to compensate a lack of range with your hamstrings, which means your shoulders are doing some more work and your body is moving less efficiently.  So try the barbell test on the ground to find your range where you still have shoulder stability without breaking your hollow position, and that will be you limit as to how much you need to close your shoulder with your kip and swing for your Toes to Bar.  Stay consistent with that movement and don't break your position, even if it means using your shoulders to compensate when you need to.

CrossFit Games Breakdown 13.2

We're in Week 2 of the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open, so let's prep for 13.2 with some essential warm-up movements and review some efficiency tips.

Start with doing a few Candlestick Rolls, and roll into the bottom of your squat with your feet together to practice and prep for the jumping and landing mechanics.  Bonus: at the back of the Candlestick Roll, reach your hand around with bent arms and reach to touch the ground as if you were to about perform a Backward Roll.

This will help prep your shoulders and front rack position for the shoulder-to-overhead presses.

Next, perform some Kipping Toes to Bar or Toes to Rings to get the upper back and hips moving and warm.  Rings are more ideal because they will move around and may allow a greater range.

Try to perform some hollow rocks to leg threads with a PVC pipe to get the hips primed some more and use this as a chance to add some flexibility work.

Lastly, perform some Tucks Ups and Pike Ups for some explosive hip prep.

To prep for efficient Box Jumps and practice cycling, work on small rebounds with or without jump rope.  Try jumping front and back on an even surface first for the bottom load of the Box Jump. 

Remember to incorporate your arms swing during the jump.  There could be a significant amount of lift generated by the arms and it will also help you maintain balance and stability.

Start work from a Low Box to High Box Jumps to build up to that height, while working on proper foot positions, marking your landings, and a cycling rhythm.

Avoid stutter stepping or double hopping for efficient motor pattern and tempo during the Box Jumps. Mark your foot positions to stay consistent and don't stop moving!