Knees to Elbows

Freestyle Adventures with The Modern Gypsies Pt.4

As Eric and John of The Modern Gypsies prepare for their next Compassionate Adventure, they spend a morning with Coach Carl to learn how to apply techniques gained in the training room to the outdoors.

In this video, Carl works with John and Eric to build up rotational strength and range of motion with some knees to elbows - with a twist.

Knees to Elbows

  • Start by hanging in a hollow body position
  • Arms and shoulders glued to your ears
  • Pull your thighs to your chest, and pull your heels to your butt
  • And ascend the knees until they touch the elbows, or pass the elbows if your knees are glued together
  • Keep the head in during entire movement

Note: Ideally the knees would pass the elbows by keeping thighs and knees together

Knees to Elbows with Kip

  • Initiate a kip by swinging feet front and back, and follow swing motion through to hips and then shoulders
  • The body should bow from global extension to global flexion
  • At the apex of the "from" portion of the swing initiate an aggressive "knees to elbows"
  • Once knees meet or pass elbows, explode quickly out of the tuck and send toes directly back into a hollow body position
  • Don't allow feet to come behind you or you will lose the timing and tension needed on the system to link them efficiently
  • Keep the head in during entire movement